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What are the main types of injection molding?

Release date:2018-03-26   

1: rubber injection:
Rubber injection molding is a kind of production method to inject the rubber directly from the machine tube into the model vulcanization. The advantages are: rubber injection molding is intermittent operation, but the molding cycle is short, high production efficiency cancelled blank preparation process, low labor intensity, excellent product quality.

2: plastic injection:
Plastic injection is a method of plastic products, the use of molten plastic injection into plastic mold, cooling molding to get all kinds of plastic parts. A mechanical injection machine specially used for injection molding. Polystyrene is the most commonly used plastic at present.

3: molding injection:
The shape of the product is often the final product, and no other processing is needed before the installation or as the final product is used. Many details, such as protrusions, ribs, and threads, can all be molded in an injection molding one step.

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